Canine Swimming

Why Swim your canine?

Swimming is one of the best exercise options available. It is low impact and uses nearly every muscle.

Statistics show over 50% of canines are over weight. This option allows dogs to start exercising without the added weight "weighing" them down. 

It also helps canine athletes continue to build muscle tone, increase cardiovascular fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles, and increase flexibility. 

It can help dogs prepare for surgery or recover. It can help older dogs with arthritis. 

In the Spring of 2015, we will break ground on a natural swimming pond at our home in Mechanicsville, Iowa. The pond will be over 40 foot long, four foot deep, and 20 foot wide (meeting regulations for organizations such as Ultimate Air Dogs). We will also have the space to put in a full size (40 foot) dock. Natural swimming ponds have the clarity of swimming pools, without all the chemicals. It uses plants, water movement, and rocks for natural filtration. We feel this is the best option for starting to bring opportunity to the area. The natural swimming pond will feature beach entry to allow dogs to slowly enter the water.

Having this available will allow us to raise money for a year-round facility in Cedar Rapids. It will also give us the experience to learn all the little details about running this type of facility. We hope to open a year-round facility in Cedar Rapids in October or November 2015.