About Us

Who We Are, where the idea came from, and where we are going


Poseidon's K9 Island is a dream in the making. Owner, Marie Appel became involved with dog swims in 2009 through her volunteer efforts with K9COLA (Citizen’s for Off-Leash Areas) and its annual fundraiser K9Splash! But that wasn’t enough. In 2011 she helped bring a dog swim to Mt. Vernon. After seeing hundreds of happy dogs and their owners for several years she realized this opportunity needed to be around more often than a couple of weeks a year.


In 2011, Marie earned an MBA through the University of Phoenix and in 2013 she used her degree and experience with dog swims to form Poseidon’s K9 Island, L.L.C and begin the process of bringing this dream to Cedar Rapids.


In the fall of 2012 Marie's 15 yr old Rott/Cocker Spaniel mix began showing her age and while working with her vet, Marie realized the potential for the swimming dream to go beyond recreational and into rehabilitation therapy. She began to discuss the idea with other vets and realized that this is something Cedar Rapids needed. The hydro (and other) therapy that she hopes to offer will allow canines to stay in shape, lose weight, manage osteoarthritis, neurological issues, and recover from surgery.

In the Spring of 2015, we broke ground on a natural swimming pond at our home in Mechanicsville, Iowa. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and we are still in the construction phase. The pond will have a swimming area over 50 foot long, four foot deep, and 20 foot wide (meeting regulations for organizations such as Ultimate Air Dogs). We will also have the space to put in a full size (40 foot) dock. Natural swimming ponds have the clarity of swimming pools, without all the chemicals. It uses plants, water movement, and rocks for natural filtration. We feel this is the best option for starting to bring opportunity to the area. The natural swimming pond will feature a four-sided beach entry to allow dogs to slowly enter the water. This beach entry will bring the pond size up to 80 foot long by 50 foot wide. The additional size is part of the reason for the delays. Although it has added time to the construction phase we know it will be worth it in the end. 

Eventually we would like to have an additional year-round facility in Cedar Rapids. This most likely will not be possible until